Free 4 weeks Insurance/Claims

Unfortunately there is no NHS for our pets. Insurance is a key part of responsible pet ownership.

Making an Insurance Claim

What do I need to do?

When dropping off a claims form please be sure to read through your insurance form carefully to avoid any mistakes. Please do not fill in any part that is meant to be completed by ourselves as this could result in a delay.

We cannot fill in any parts you need to complete, so please ensure these are done by yourself prior to dropping the form into us.

The condition you are claiming for is what you brought your pet in for in your own words, it doesn't need to be the correct veterinary diagnosis. We can always provide you with the date you first visited the surgery with that condition if you can't remember.

If you have signed the form we will send it once completed, directly to the insurance company for you. Unless your insurance company have a freepost address, please provide a stamped addressed envelope with your claims form.

We aim to complete insurance forms within 7 days but it can take up to 14 days if we have a large number to complete.

Please note this is a free service we provide to our clients.

We keep a record of the completed forms before sending them off to be processed.

Direct Claims

It is practice policy NOT to claim direct from insurance companies. However, depending on the individual circumstance and your insurance company we may make an exception by prior arrangement.

For further information regarding insurance claims please contact our insurance administrator, Emma Stallon RVN.

4 Weeks Free Insurance

We work in partnership with Petplan to offer 4 weeks free insurance to clients as they settle their new puppy/kitten into a new home.