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Welcome to the Stamford Veterinary Centre website, which has been designed to provide you with an insight into our veterinary practice and the many services we have to offer.

Our professional team is committed to providing your pet with the best possible care and attention but at the same time providing you, the owner with all the support and advice you need to keep your pets healthy and happy

Stamford Veterinary Centre is one of the final three practices in the UK to make the final of the 2017 Petplan Veterinary Awards 'Practice of the Year' Category.

Christmas Opening Hours 2019

24th December 2019: 8.30am-1.00pm (followed by our emergency service)

25th December 2019: Closed (emergency service)

26th December 2019: Closed (emergency service)

27th December 2019:Open 8.30am-6.30pm

28th December 2019: Open 8.30am-12.30pm (emergency appointments)

29th December 2019: Closed (emergency service)

30th December 2019: Open 8.30am-6.30pm

31st December 2019: Open 8.30am-5.00pm (followed by our emergency service)

1st January 2020: Closed (emergency service)

2nd January 2020: Open 8.30am-6.30pm

If you need our emergency veterinary surgeon over the Christmas period, please call

01780 763180 and follow the instructions on the answer machine message.

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2020!

Exciting News...

Stamford Veterinary Centre is now proud to be part of the Independent Vetcare Group.

This new partnership will enable the practice to develop further, allowing our team to progress their clinical skills and offer exciting new services to our clients and more importantly our patients.

David Cawte will remain as the practice Clinical Director and myself as the Practice Manager. David and I, and our team at Stamford Veterinary Centre look forward to sharing this exciting new chapter with you.

As always we thank you for your continued support,

Jessica, David and The Practice Team.

We proudly provide our own emergency out of hours care

Our experienced team of vets and nurses continue to be on hand to deal with emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the practice based in Great Casterton.

If you have an emergency, please contact us on 01780 763180.

(if out of normal working hours, please follow the instructions on the recoreded message).

Our Privacy Policy

 General Data Protection Regulation

At Stamford Veterinary Centre, we want to reasure our clients that we are committed to protecting and respecting your personal data.

For a copy of our Practice Privacy Policy, please email Jessica Fawcett at jessica.fawcett@stamfordvets.co.uk. This will inform you of how we collect, store and use your personal data.

If you receive communications from the practice (for example, vaccine reminders, worming and flea treatment text message reminders, marketing mail outs) and you decide you no longer wish to participate in these services, please don't hesitate to email the practice or call us on 01780 763180 and we will happliy update your records.

Thank you,

Jessica Fawcett

Practice Manger for Stamford Veterinary Centre

Pet Passports & Brexit

In October 2019 we will be leaving the EU. At present we are unsure of the effects this will have on the current Pet Travel Scheme. We have sent out an informtion letter to all our patients that hold a pet passport. Please click on the link below to view this information. 


Cat Friendly Clinic: Silver Award

Stamford Veterinary Centre is a Cat Friendly Clinic

Cat Friendly Clinic is a worldwide programme from the International Society of Feline Medicine.

Because of their unique nature and needs, taking cats to visit a veterinary practice can be very stressful, both for cats and their owners.

Together with The Cat Friendly Clinic programme, Stamford Veterinary Centre aims to create a more cat friendly environment and so reducing the stress levels of our feline patients and making the visit easier for you also.



Stamford Veterinary Centre's PAW POINTS

Paw Points are our way to say thank you for every purchase you make with us.


How to Join?

Next time you visit us at the practice, please request your Paw Points Advantage Card from reception. We will then activate the card on your behalf and you will be ready to start collecting your Paw Points on your next visit...Easy!

Once you have collected 500 Paw Points a £5 credit will be applied to your account at Stamford Veterinary Centre. This credit can be spent on what ever you wish.

Paw Points do not expire.

We will also email you with promotions on products and services allowing you to earn double or even triple Paw Points!


HPM Cat & Dog Complete Diet Range (The New Generation of Pet Food). Now available at Stamford Veterinary Centre

Our HPM diet range provides a new nutritional balance for cats and dogs: high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Its formulation is as close as possible to the natural diet needs and preferences of carnivores with, on average, 30% more proteins and 40% less carbohydrates as in maintenance adult dog/cat food.

It is suitable for all breeds, sizes and physiological conditions. Its is also formulated without most of the main common allergens such as; Gluten, maize, wheat, beef, eggs and soya.


HPM targets 10 major preventative areas in your pets body:

  • Body Weight Control

Helps to satisfy the appetite of your pet and maintain an optimal weight, preserve muscle mass and limits fatty tissue deposits.

  • Urinary Health

Helps to maintain a healthy urinary system.

  • Joint and Muscle Support

Helps to maintain strong and healthy muscles and joints.

  • Helps Maintain Renal Function
  • High Digestive Tolerance

Helps to ensure a balance and healthy digestive flora.

  • Low Allergen Formulation

Is formulated without maize, wheat, gluten, soya, egg, beef or fish, in order to lower the risk of food intolerances.

  • Skin & Coat Support
  • Low Glycemic Index

Helps to ensure a stable blood glucose level.

  • Immune System Support
  • Dental/Tartar Control

Helps limit dental plaque and tartar formation and contributes to good oral health.


HPM Dog Range Video

HPM Cat Range Video

Visit the HPM Website for information on the whole diet range

Find the right diet for your dog

Find the right diet for your cat

Ongoing HPM Offers at Stamford Veterinary Centre:
BUY 5 BAGS AND GET YOUR 6TH BAG FREE (Bags must be the same size)
(A great offer for new puppy and kittens!)
How do I switch to HPM from my pets current diet?



Vaccinating Against Lepto 4

You may have noticed recent publicity in the media or heard from other pet owners about the new Lepto 4 vaccine from MSD Animal Health.
Leptospirosis is a disease that can lead to severe liver & kidney disease in dogs. It is caused by spiral bacteria called Leptospira Interrogans, which are spread in the urine of infected dogs - as well as rats, mice and a variety of other mammals.
There are more than 5 types or 'serogroups' of  Leptospira. We currently vaccinate against the two most common using the existing Lepto 2 vaccine. These are serogroups canicola and icterohaemorrhagiae.
The new Lepto 4 vaccine gives additional protection:
Reduction of infection with serogroup Australis
Reduction of infection and spread of serogroup Grippotyphosa
Currently in the practice, we have opted not to start routine vaccinations with Lepto 4 for the following reasons:-
There is currently little evidence to suggest that the other types of Leptospira are significantly prevalent in the UK- much of the data is obtained from studies in Europe.
After the second vaccine, it is three weeks until your puppy is fully protected by the vaccine (under current licence), compared to only one week with the current vaccine. This delays taking the puppy out & about for socialisation at the crucial age of under twelve weeks.
We do have Lepto 4 vaccines at the surgery and we will be happy to vaccinate your dog with Lepto 4 if you request it.
We keep up to date with any new evidence as it appears and will adapt our vaccine protocols in the future if it becomes necessary.
Please speak to one of our veterinary surgeons if you would like more information or advice.

Our Services

Our wide range of services include:-

- We aim to provide a compassionate and caring service for all small animals, and we like to keep case continuity - so that one vet deals with any one problem.

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- Read a sample of geniune feedback left by our customers regarding our services

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