Your Kitten's First Visit

Give your kitten the best start in life

Our team of vets, nurses & receptionists are committed to ensure your kitten has the best start in life and are here to guide you through the first few important months of their life.

Primary Course of Vaccinations

We recommend kittens are vaccinated from 9 weeks of age. The course consists of 2 vaccinations given 3-4 weeks apart.

Your kitten will then be vaccinated against the following diseases:

  • Cat 'Flu' (Feline Upper Respiratory Tract Disease)
  • Infectious Enteritis (Feline Panleucopenia)
  • Feline Leukaemia (Optional)

Feline Leukaemia is a viral disease, transmitted via the cat's saliva. Therefore, it can be passed from cat to cat during a fight or even during grooming. The disease then begins to suppress the cat's immune system, causing secondary infections, tumours and even death.

You will have a 30-minute consultation with one of our veterinary surgeons which will enable you to discuss any questions or problems you any be experiencing.

Yearly booster vaccinations will then be needed to maintain immunity. These appointments will include a full health check and give you the opportunity to speak to one of our veterinary surgeons about any problems that may have arisen over the past year.


Microchipping is a way of identifying your kitten. It is similar to a vaccination injection but it deposits a chip about the size of a grain of rice in the scruff between the shoulder blades. The chip carries a number specific to your cat. This number is then registered along with your details onto a national database so that if your cat is found and scanned, they will be able to contact you straight away.

We would highly recommend microchipping and it is now a legal requirement for cats. 

 If your kitten needs microchipping, please let the receptionist know when booking your appointment.

A Free Kitten Toy

Remember to also supervise your kitten during play time.

A Complimentary Kitten Worm/Flea Treatment

Your kitten will receive a complimentary worm/flea treatment during their first visit (Advocate). We can also advise you on future parasite prevention protocols. 

Free Nurse Development Consultations 

Our nurses offer complimentary Development Consultations. During these sessions, the nurse will weigh your kitten and dispense any parasite treatments that are due (treatments are chargeable). They will also answer any of your questions and help with any concerns or issues you may be experiencing. 

We recommend you come and see our nurses every 4 weeks until your kitten is 6 months old. We make these visits fun and interactive and they are a great way for your kitten to get to know us and develop and positive relationship with the practice.