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Anti-Parasite Questionnaire

Take our parasite risk assessment today

Due to the change in RCVS Under Care Guidance, it is now a requirement that pets have a physical examination before appropriate antiparasite treatment can be prescribed by a vet. 

By filling out the below questionnaire, it will give our vets the best information for prescribing the most appropriate antiparasite treatment for your pet.  If you decline antiparasite treatment at the time of vaccination, by filling out the questionnaire, it may allow us to authorise antiparasite treatment at a later date, based on the below risk factors.  There may however be certain situations where a repeat physical exam is necessary in order to prescribe the most appropriate medication.

Contact details

Are you currently registered at the practice ?:

Does your pet hunt or have access to unprocessed raw food/carcasses?:

Any unsupervised wandering – outdoor cats/off lead dog walking?:

History of slug/snail consumption or previous lungworm infection?:

Serial grass consumption/coprophagia?:

Are children/immune suppressed individuals in the household?:

Do you walk in an area of high tick prevalence?:

Regular visits to other areas of the country with different parasite risks?:

Frequent swimming/shampooing?:

Preference of tablet vs spot-on?:

Any reaction to spot-on or tablets in the past?:

Can owners reliably give/apply medications?:

Security Question:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this risk assessment.

The results will be added to the patients file. However, if any of your answers change in the future, please resubmit another Parasite Risk Assessment Form and we will update your pets records.