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Our guides to pet insurance and claims

Insurance Claims Processing Update

Due to an increased work load, we now have an insurance claims administrator working 2 days a week to process your insurance claims. Emma will be available to discuss your insurance enquiries including processing a claim and will help where possible with any issues that arise during the claims process, this might include liaising with your insurance company on your behalf to chase claims (permission will need to be given to insurance company by client for data protection), or sort discrepancies etc. 

To contact Emma, please email insurance@stamfordvets.co.uk

From 19th April 2021, we will start invoicing you for insurance claims processing. This includes paper forms and also online portals. The fee will be £16 per form regardless if it is a new condition, continuation claim, more than one condition claimed at once or a direct claim. Express/urgent claims can be processed for a fee of £22 (all in) and will be processed within 48 hrs.  Please check with your insurance company, but it is likely that most will not cover this fee in your claim for treatment costs. 

If you are a member of our Pet Health Club (PHC), you are automatically exempt from these fees!  

If you are not a member of our Pet Health Club and would like to find out more, please contact the surgery or visit our Pet Health Club page

We aim to complete all claims in a timely manner on a first come first served basis. The administration fee also covers stationary and postage costs to forward your paper claim on to your insurance company, time spent sending information requested by your insurance company via post or email, time spent completing online portal requests and copies of all paper claims are kept onsite for future reference.  

If you have an on-going condition being claimed for, we recommend that you only send in a request to send repeat claims every few months or if it suits it can be as little as once a year, this will help keep costs down for you.   

We thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter and please contact the surgery if you need any further clarification. 

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