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Buddy's Mobility Journey

This is our beautiful 9 1/2 year old Labradoodle Buddy


Several months ago we noticed a deterioration in Buddy’s mobility, to the extent that at times he even struggled getting himself up from lying down. It was heartbreaking to see the pain that he was clearly in.  

Now, I am pleased to say, although he has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis he is like a different dog and at times thinks he’s a puppy again!! Buddy now has a Librela injection each month and this combined with his Yumove tablets each day has certainly put a spring back into his step once more!  The limping, his struggles to get up and general happiness has improved no end and he is clearly loving life again.  Here he is on a recent beach holiday, running, jumping, playing with other dogs and loving his big walks….all with no struggles at the time or the next day.





Buddy is monitored continually at Stamford Veterinary Centre, where they are fabulous with him.  They check not only his joint movement ability, mobility, health etc but also ensure his whole well being is the best it can be in order to delay the stages of his osteoarthritis as long as possible. We really appreciate the care he is getting…..and so does Buddy.

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